Sunday, October 27, 2013

My Experience

You know those people that like to offer advice about things they've never experienced? I'm not one of them, and hopefully neither are you. I formulated my How To Figure It Out guide by translating a English 101 assignment into a four step process that will help students discover not only what they want to study in college, but what they will do with that afterwards and what they have to do to get the degree. When I started this assignment I was a business major longing to study something with more substance. After taking a General Psychology course I had developed a new interest, but didn't know where to go with it. The assignment came at the perfect time. As I am a sophomore now, I am getting to that scary point when there are no more generals on my requirements list. That means I need to know what I want to do before I start wasting money and time on classes I'm not sure I need to take. You can imagine my relief when I was told that I would have the opportunity to research the ins and outs of the psychology major and get credit for it too. In the process I conducted two interviews with psychology majors at my previous college, Idaho State University. Not only did I learn about the extensive writing that was done in this major, but I also got meaningful advice and tips from those students along with encouragement to change my major. After completing the project I have more faith in my interests and my ability to achieve the goals that come with getting a psychology degree. It is because of this experience that I created the guide and I hope all of you will benefit from having read it.

Psychology allows us to understand how are behaviors are effected by our environments. We can use this information to better our lives and counteract any negative impacts certain situations or experiences may have on our minds. This article explains studies that have been conducting on various college student populations, which have revealed and explained common behaviors.

Conditioning in The Office

The Mature Marshmallow Test

I'm sure you've all heard of the marshmallow test which was conducted to show how children understand delayed gratification. Well, I guess adults struggle with delaying the delicious reward of marshmallows too:)

Psychology can save your life

Psychology is all about getting inside the mind. Why not try it on animals too?